Many take the hosting service for granted and generally do not recognize its importance until something goes wrong.

Analyzing the current offer we can not get rid of the impression that it is mostly a copy / paste philosophy of business without (any) attention to the stability and functionality of the web hosting service provided, which as a consequence brings great harm to all web hosting clients seeking a quality web hosting partner.


Why fast and quality Web hosting is important

The speed of your website directly affects your visitors. Unlike other Web Hosts, we host your Website (even databases) solely on solid state drives (SSDs).

SSDs have little access time and are 100x faster than mechanical drives. In addition, SSDs have a smaller percentage of failures than ordinary drives.

Hosting your Website on SSD Disks is included free of charge in all packages.

What do you get with us?


We install WordPress or Joomla

We create and edit your Google business profile 

We give you free advice 

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