The website has become a kind of window into the world for your business and services, and as the best agency we know how to make quality websites, make them useful, informative, applying the latest technologies and tools. Our web development follows the world trends, and our work and final results are the best proof of our quality.

Why is it important to have a website?

Website is one of the most important items for a successful presentation on the Internet. Without an adequate and well-designed website you don't exist! Recent research has shown that an increasing number of people seeking services, products and information are primarily looking for it on the Internet. Therefore, if you do not have a website or if your website does not contain certain useful information about you and your services, potential customers will look for this information elsewhere, ie. with your competition.

In order to be successful on the Internet, in cooperation with you we will define your ideal internet visitors, long-term and short-term goals and website structure. The complete design of the website, as well as the website itself, are tailored to you, your services and your desired visual identity, and the cost of website design is extremely affordable and competitive.

Professional approach

We approach each new client in a very professional manner. Together with the client we analyze his needs as well as the needs of the market. Every project, without exception, ends successfully and within the agreed deadline, and for the simple reason that we give all our clients all the attention. We take our business seriously because we are truly aware of the importance of a quality website for you and your business. Through the design process, we are available to the client, ready to help and answer any question.

Creating Custom Websites

Šta god budete tražili od nas, to ćemo uraditi što je moguće bolje. AM code studio će prihvatiti sve vaše sugestije i ideje, prilagođavamo se vašoj viziji i vašem vizuelnom identitetu, te kreiramo web stranicu tačno prema vašim potrebama. Upravo ćemo uraditi web stranicu prilagođenu vama i vašim klijentima. Na ovaj način nećete imati nepotrebne sadržaje ili nepotrebne usluge, a vaši klijenti će dobiti ono što trebaju i upravo ono što očekuju od vas.

Latest technology and trends

U svijetu interneta i web dizajna vrlo je važno da se prilagođavate i pratite najnovije trendove,  a mi smo uvijek u toku sa najnovijim trendovima. Koristimo najnovije tehnologije da bismo osigurali vrhunsku kvalitetu vaših web stranica. Nudimo vam najnovija rješenja koja će poboljšati i olakšati vaše poslovanje te vam na taj način omogućavamo da se izdvojite od vaše konkurencije. Zajedno sa vama ćemo odabrati usluge koje će poboljšati vaše poslovanje.

What Your Website Can Have:

Your website will have optimized content tailored to your business. A team of experts will make adequate content, adapt it to be easy to read, understandable, productive and recognizable from a marketing standpoint. When you have multilingual content on your website, it creates unlimited opportunities for your business, as there will no longer be a language barrier for you as well as your customers.

You will be recognizable and easily remembered, and the services you offer to your clients will be more than appreciated. 

Simplicity is what will make the users of your site get the services and information they need very quickly and easily.

Content that will be tailored to your customers no matter where they come from. Do not let yourself lose those clients who will not be able to understand you. 

All our pages are visible on all devices. That way, you won't lose any users no matter what device comes to your site.

In case your job requires it, we offer you the possibility of creating a mobile application. Unlike responsive web design, the mobile app allows you to have a completely different design and content for those users who come via mobile devices.

All of our sites are hosted on high-end servers that provide fast access to content at all times. This way you will surely have one of the fastest sites on the internet.

Make it possible to pay / book on your site with some of the safest payment methods (paypal, visa, skrill, american express, mastercard).

You can very quickly and efficiently receive requests to book the service you offer. In an easy and simple way you will be able to easily follow all your booking requests and in a very fast way you will be able to contact a potential client.

With the help of this service, you will very quickly and easily allow your customers to contact you. We live in a time when there are different ways of communication, and don't forget that you can have them all on your web site. We offer direct communication, where potential customers can call you to your phone with one click, or contact you via: SMS, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.

At times when you are busy and have a lot of responsibilities, do not let yourself run out of clients. For there is an answering machine that will record the call, which you can answer when you are able.

With the integration of google maps on the web site, you will be visible at all times. The client will know how to get to you, where exactly you are, how to get to you as quickly as possible and how long it takes.

We can create an online store for you to sell your authentic products. Expand your range of activities and offer your clients something that others don't. This way, your customers will be able to quickly, without much stress, see the product, read about it, book it or buy it directly from you.

We will make your website rich in content. Let your potential customers see the service you offer quickly and easily. In addition to the classic application of photos and videos, we offer the ability to integrate 3D footage. With 3D, potential customers can look from all angles and feel as if they were there.


The process of website design

Together with you, we analyze your needs and what is best for you and your clients.
After that, we start creating the site, where together with you we make the best website.
When the process is complete and when we finish testing, we deliver the finished product, where we guarantee that everything is functional and of the best quality.
The Website will be delivered and completed within the agreed deadline.


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